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New Paper: Gradational Transition to post-AI society

Tags: AI, sociology, politics, future, disaster

Analysis on how to control the disturbance of Artificial Intelligence technology to our social and political systems, in order to minimize the negative impacts of such technology and to establish the framework for constructive coexistence and co-evolution between humans and AI-Technology.

This paper will be available for open on-line access during the period between 12/15/2015 to 12/25/2015, and will be archived afterwards available for readers through email request.

Rhys Lee + 12-7-2015



10,000 Hours rule

Tags: learning, practice

Have you heard about the 10,000 hours rule? In a nutshell, the 10,000 hours rule is a popular myth about the phenomenon that after enormous time of practice, as much as 10,000 hours(or 416.67 days with no sleep) if not more, you can become a master in any field.

As much as i would agree that practice makes perfect,  I wonder what are those non-time factors that determines our capacity and efficiency as we acquire knowledge and perfect our skills. What can we learn from such self-exploration to apply to the field of machine learning and computer intelligence?

See my explanation in this article.

Rhys Lee + 12-30-2014



A Theory of the Development of Conciousness and Intelligence.

Tags: Intelligence, consciousness, acquisition

Do we have souls? Are souls detached from the physical world? Do souls exhibit the characteristics which are described by many myths and religions? In my latest article, you might find the answers.

Here is the theory that explores the acquisition of consciousness and intelligence for homo sapiens, from infants to adults, during which period of development an individual subject interacts with its environment and gradually acquires the capabilities to perceive objects in socially constructed manners, to process perceived information in ways that exhibit "intelligence", to master skills to survive and reproduce, and to form personalities and self-consciousness. All of these traits of an individual compose what generally is regarded as a soul. This theory would not only answer the questions about souls, but also provide insights and clarifications about consciousness and intelligence.

Rhys Lee + 12-27-2014



Welcome to Simply News channel!

Tags: greetings

Here i will post updates on my research, abstract and link of relevant new articles and, of course, feed backs to my dear readers!

The Simply News channel is guaranteed to be updated at least weekly. By checking this channel once in a while you won't miss anything I wanna tell you about! :)

Rhys Lee + 12-20-2014



Simply News

In latest first order

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Check out Armani PRIVÉ!

These are really amazing design.

Rhys Lee + 2-1-2015



Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Rhys Lee + 12-25-2014



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